Are You Feeling Cold in Your House this Winter?

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Don't let he cold weather into your home. Massachusetts is a cold state and one to two days without heat can easily get you sick. Sometimes your system is down for the count, when that happens make sure you get a new heater as quickly as possible. Listen to your thermostat and act fast.

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We offer heater installation service for new homes

A cold home causes more problems than just your personal health, the winter weather can cause your pipes to freeze if the temperature is not carefully managed above 60 degrees. At Costa's we understand that your Plymouth, New Bedford & Wareham, MA home needs to stay at 68 degrees so that your home can maximize efficiency and help save the most money during the cold weather months.

Here are some reasons to hire us for your heater installation:

We take careful care to get the right sized heater for your home

We take the time to carefully analyze your home's airflow

We make sure to check your duct sealing before installation

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